About the Blog

Hello World!

I love translation!

As such, I am taking the opportunity to share my thoughts about all things translation; at least almost all things that occur to me, which is a lot.

I am particularly fond of

  • Information for aspiring freelance translators
  • Translator training
  • Industry best (and worst) practices
  • Best practices for translators
  • Considerations when buying translations
  • Considerations when selling translations
  • Translator Ethics
  • Translation Studies
  • Political Power of Translation
  • Language learning

(This list comes in no particular order.)

When reading this blog you should hope to find a variety of useful and informative facts and thoughtful opinions  about these topics. My posts will casual and upbeat. My sources of inspiration will more than likely come my personal experiences, from current research on the many aspects of translation, the experiences of others, as well as from popular media. When stating a fact or providing information, I will do what I can to provide you with a reference. I’ll do my best to distinguish such information from my own musings and  opinions.

Finally, on occasion you might find an unfinished post. It simply means I had less time than

About Me


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