About Me

Twenty-five words or fewer: I Love Translation. I have a BA in Spanish Translation. I have an MBA. I am in a PhD program in Translation Studies.

For years now I have wanted to be a part of the translation and interpreting industry. I don’t think I was ever so formal about it when I was fresh out of high school and in college, but I always had a sense of wanting to be a part of this field. I suppose it is because I have a strong sense of idealism. I want to help people. Not only do I want to help people, but I want to empower them to make their own choices. I feel that translation and interpreting are one way to empower people. This is because both translation and interpreting provide people with more information; they open ways for communication. Another way to do this is would be, of course, to teach people languages. And another, more indirect way, would be to train individuals to be translators and interpreters.

As a PhD-hopeful, I realize that translation and interpreting is not so simple: culture, politics, power, all play a role in these complex communicative activities. Yet, I do believe that through translating and interpreting, we can provide others with a valuable and honest service, a professional service worthy of adequate compensation.

As an MBA, I have an inclination, a desire if you will, to ensure my efforts are balanced by practical business concerns facing freelance translators, language service providers, and business that purchase these services. I’m especially interested in the perspectives and attitudes that both (US-based) businesses and business (marketing) scholars have towards translation.

In other words, I am determined to ensure my understanding and influence in the translation field is not only informed by theoretical issues, intercultural implications, and pedagogical concerns, but also by the market and by business issues facing freelance translators, language service providers, and translation purchasers.

For the moment, I am reconsidering my interest in localization and internationalization. I have yet to gain more understanding on the matter. Suffice it to say, I know they are important elements in the translation industry.

My career as a Translation Studies Scholar is just beginning, but I have had great experiences to this point. I have earned both a BA in Spanish Translation  and an MBA from Brigham Young University, Provo, UT. I am a PhD candidate  in Translation Studies at Kent State University, Kent, OH. I have worked for a small technology and translation Services company. I have taught business skills to aspiring entrepreneurs. I teach Spanish and translation classes, and I translate.


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